Prague 2017

Tour 2017 is over and everyone has (hopefully) recovered by now. This year UCL Lacrosse travelled to the Czech Republic and competed in the prestigious Prague Cup. The weather all week was fantastic and all the teams had the chance to participate in a tournament featuring some very high level lacrosse, an experience that many of our players will not have had before. In addition to the fantastic Lacrosse, Prague itself was a brilliant place to explore. Highlights of the week included Fresher Olympics, a Box Lacrosse Experience, Days out at reservoirs and water parks, multiple nights out in karsomething lasagne, List night and many, many, many Chicken Wings. Big congratulations to Erik Spiro a

Mandy Walker 2017

Mandy Walker this year was a close fraught competition. Many Bananas were worn, ankles broken and shots taken by Morton missed. After a long fraught battle, the Alumni cheated their way to victory once again. Until 2018, our old(er) friends. #TeamUCL

Sports Colours and Commendations 2017

This year many of UCL lacrosse's members were awarded sports colours at this years Sports Ball. Many congratulations go to: Centenary Colours Quintus Carr Sports Colours Charlotte Godfrey Borne Harriet Alway Jennifer Beard Sophie Rodgers Aashrey Bansal Sports Commendations Nadia Jeffrie Victoria Smith Caleb Burke George Edison James Price Oliver Phelan Sam Hayes The ball also marked the new unveiling of the new sport at UCL brand, TeamUCL, more to come soon... #TeamUCL

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