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2016-17 League Roundup

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Success was enjoyed all around this year by UCL Lacrosse, with all of our teams performing well in their respective leagues

Women’s 1sts

The Women’s 1st team finished top of the BUCS South East 1A League in an unbeaten season. They also reached the Quarter Final of the BUCS Lacrosse Trophy, a national tournament.

Women’s 2nds

The Women’s 2nd team came 2nd in the BUCS South East 2A League, competing mainly against university 1st teams. The team reached the Final of the BUCS South Eastern Conference Cup

Men’s 1sts

The Men’s 1st team finished 1st in BUCS South East 1A for the 4th consecutive year. They also reached the Semi Final of the BUCS Lacrosse Trophy.

Men’s 2nds

Three years after their formation, the Men’s 2nd team has developed into a competitive team in the South East, placing 4th in BUCS South East 2A. This team, comprised mainly of freshers, serves as a training pathway into the Men’s 1sts.

Mixed 1sts

The Mixed 1st team finished 1st in the LUSL Premiership in close fought title race.

Mixed 2nds

The Mixed 2nd team finished 1st in the LUSL Intermediate Premiership in a toughly fought title race.


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