• Sam Hayes

Varsity 2017

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This year was a rather spectacular year for UCL Lacrosse at varsity. It was set to be the biggest matches of the year with the women's side determined to claim victory after their close fought 2016 loss and the men's side ready to compete with a recently promoted KCL squad.

It was going to be a tough one.

Thankfully, this year saw the first triple win for UCL Lacrosse: the Ladies’ won 11-5, the Men’s won 20-4 and the Mixed won 11-9. The matches were attended by the entire club and drew a crowd of 200 spectators eager to watch the action.

Along with successes university-wide in many sporting diciplines, UCL triumphed over KCL with a final score of 20-13 in the overall varsity series.

We look forward to defending our title next year!


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